Disagreements Are Difficult Hire An Expert​

Sadatu Salami Knows Civil Litigation

When communications break down and lead to conflict, you need an experienced litigation attorney to help you identify an effective solution to the conflict. Lawsuits are expensive and may be avoided through professional negotiation.  

Sadatu Salami-Oyakhilome has 17 years of experience as a negotiator and an advocate in court on behalf of her clients when negotiations fail. She will help you resolve your dispute through aggressive representation in front of  the other party, a judge, or jury.

Your Outcome is Our Focus

The initial consultation will reveal to Ms. Salami-Oyakhilome If negotiation is no longer a viable course of action, and what she can do for you in court. If the law isn’t in your favor, she’d rather tell you than let you enter into a no-win situation.  She wins only if you have a positive outcome.

While representing you, Ms. Salami-Oyakhilome takes all reasonable steps necessary to get compensation for you if you’ve been harmed by someone else’s action or error. She will use all of the latest technology to make your argument vivid and present unimpeachable experts to testify on your behalf.  She knows how to leverage the law and the legal process to your benefit.  Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your case, Ms. Salami-Oyakhilome is as skilled making an argument to the bench as she is presenting evidence to a jury.

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick​

Rarely is a lawsuit someone’s primary desire, and most disputes do not end up in court even if drafted and filed.  Of those that do, most do not end up going to the Jury or Judge for a decision.  It has been said that war is diplomacy in just a different form.  To satisfy your dispute so you get the best outcome you need a strategy that is bound not only to the strength of your case, but also to the strength of your attorney and their ability to read the other parties.

Diplomacy, negotiations, and a cohesive strategy get the best outcome.  During your initial consultation, Ms. Salami-Oyakhilome is already forming a strategy based upon her questions and your answers.   She is looking to identify the best way for you to achieve your goals, and will be clear in her opinion as to the power of your case, and potential outcomes.  

Negotiation can take many forms and does not necessarily mean giving in to the other party, and sometimes bringing in a professional negotiator is the best way to advance your interests.  If negotiations fail, now is the time to move to looking at legal recourse and take further action to enforce your rights. Ms. Salami-Oyakhilome personally oversees all the legal research, argument preparation, and expert witness selection that is necessary to make sure your case has it strongest possible presentation to the court.

Breach of Contract​

Is someone not living up to their part of a contract? Do you need to break a contract?  

How you address the obligations that you made in a contract can dictate the outcome.  You want an experienced litigator on your side, so that even if  negotiation fails, your strategy is consistent and winning from the outset.  Your negotiation will differ when all the statues and case law is against you., but a litigator will have ideas in how to purse a case if it does have to go to court.  

Partner Disputes​​

Partnerships are like marriages, and disputes in a partnership can be just as difficult as a divorce.  Whether it is forming or dissolving a partnership, or understanding the legal ramifications of the agreement or figuring out how to address issues that stem from the obligations to which you are committed, it is critical that you have legal representation .

Real Estate

Real estate transactions have many legal obligations and potential risks.  Understanding what can, or cannot be done and dealing with the government, tenants, or even family can lead to litigation,.  You want someone who knows the law and can advocate for you regardless of what you need.  Mrs. Salamai-Oyakhilome understands the complexity of real estate transactions and can zealously advocate for you.  

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Recently we helped a business owner resolve an issue with a customer and recover over $40,000.00 in receivables. We had written the original contract that was in place, and we used strong language that put our client in a position that limited their risk in the event that a client

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Recently we helped a business owner resolve an issue with a customer and recover over $40,000.00 in receivables. We had written the original contract that was in place, and we used strong language that put our client in a position that limited their risk in the event that a client tried to walk away from their obligation to our client. This particular client of ours has a very specialized business that requires them to put money up front for a customized product that then build for each specific client. The client is a part of the manufacturing and production process and so the contract is written in such a way as to ensure, that if our client follows the proper procedure, that their customer is completely responsible for any failures in the design process. Our client is only responsible for the actual manufacturing process which is wholly under their control. In this way, our client’s financial and reputational risk can be mitigated. When their customer withheld payment due to a the finalized product “not meeting their needs”, we were able to demonstrate that all parties had followed the contract, and if their representation of the facts was the truth, then they had actually put themselves in breach of contract. Opposing counsel saw the weak position of their argument and their client paid ours with us having to even draft a complaint.

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