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Sadatu Salami-Oyakhilome is one of the most respected litigators and divorce lawyers in the borough of Queens. A winner of the 2013 Queens Country Pro Bono Award and former editor of the law journal of the Nigerian Bar Association, she attained a traditional United Kingdom law degree as a graduate of the rigorous Nigeria Law School.

As an immigrant to the united States, Sadatu has achieved many remarkable successes, most importantly working for a prominent New York City law firm and subsequently setting up her own firm in 2005.

She is a courtroom fighter who often out-maneuvers her adversaries while fighting for her clients’ rights in the difficult issues of child custody and divorce. She protects the rights of those who are vulnerable in foreclosure and landlord-tenant disputes.


Divorce — NYS splits property based upon “most fair. Don’t settle for a 50/50 split if you don’t have to.  Equitable Distribution of Assets is how NYS determines who gets what.  

When couples have built up assets together, legal expertise is required to find the fairest way of dividing them. Real estate, possessions, and pension funds built up during the marriage must be declared by both parties so they can be distributed fairly. 

Pre/Postnuptial — We specialize in drafting iron-clad, enforceable post and pre-nups to protect your pre-marital assets.

Custody/Support —”The best interest and welfare of the child” is the court’s first concern. Whether your concern is physical or legal custody, we specialize in professional support to ensure that you do not lose your children.  

Property Transfer — Buying and selling property is a complex and confusing process. There are many factors that need to be considered and things to go wrong.  Having the best advocate for your interests is the best way to protect yourself.

Foreclosure — The banks have the money and the power, but we have the skill and aggressive determination to protect you in your fight to keep your home. If you have received a Lis Pendens or are concerned about it, we can help you protect yourself like we have helped others

Eviction — Don’t let your landlord through you out of your home without a fight.  Many tenants and landlords don’t know the law and often tenant pay a price as a result.  Let us ensure that a landlord never takes advantage of you again.

Breach of Contract — Is someone not living up to their part of a contract? Do you need to break a contract?  How you address it can dictate the outcome.  You want an experienced litigator on your side, so that even if you don’t avoid litigation, your strategy is consistent and winning.

Partner Disputes — Partnerships are like marriages, and difficulty in a partnership can be just as difficult as a divorce. Whether it is forming a partnership, breaking one up, or understanding the leg ramifications of the the agreement.

Real Estate — Real Estate carries many obligations and potential risk.  Understanding what can, or cannot, be done and dealing with the government, tenants, or even family can lead to litigation, and you want someone who knows the law and can advocate for you.

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A client of ours was able to keep their house because they came to us early in their financial difficulties. Most clients wait until it is too late and there run into problems that then become much more difficult and costly. Our client, a public service worker and union member,

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